• Absences are excusable for; illness, recovery from an accident, required court attendance, professional appointments, death in the immediate family, observation or celebration of a religious holiday, and such other good cause as may be acceptable to the Superintendent of Schools.

    Absence for such reasons as vacations, non‐school activities, or visiting is discouraged.   Late night activities that cause a student to be tardy or absent the following day are also discouraged.

    Dedham Public Schools discourages the scheduling of dentist or doctor appointments during school hours unless it is an urgent situation.

    Families must call and report their student(s) absent.    

    Whenever a student will be absent from school, the parents must inform the administration prior to 8:00  a.m. by calling the designated School Attendance Line and providing:

    • Student Name
    • Grade
    • Teacher, Homeroom or Team
    • Reason for Absence

    An administrator will call home when there is no information. An automated call will be made home at 10:00 a.m. to confirm when a student has been marked absent.  

Reporting Your Student Absent

  • Avery Elementary School

  • Dedham High School

  • Dedham Middle School

  • Early Childhood Education Center

  • Greenlodge Elementary School

  • Oakdale Elementary School

  • Riverdale Elementary School