School Sponsored Activities

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Lost & Found

  • Each of Dedham's schools maintains a lost and found area in the main office and/or the cafeteria. DPS strongly recommends that students and families label all personal belongings and that students refrain from bringing valuable personal belongings to school. The Dedham School Department is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen articles on school grounds prior to, during or after school hours. 

Locker & Storage

  • Each DHS/DMS student is provided with a locker and a lock. Students are not allowed to share lockers.

    • Lockers and desks are to be treated as school property on loan to students.
    • Master keys and copies of combinations are retained by the school. Personal locks are not authorized to be used on lockers. Unauthorized locks will be removed. The replacement charge for lost locks will be six dollars.
    • Certain items may not be stored in lockers, desks, or other receptacles. This would include weapons, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, stolen property, etc.
    • The school retains the right to inspect lockers and desks at any time for compliance with these rules and to maintain safety, health, and sanitation standards.

    Valuables are not to be stored in lockers. Dedham Public Schools cannot assume any responsibility for lost or stolen personal property. Valuables that must be brought into school should be brought to the main office for safekeeping. For proper security, students should keep lockers locked at all times and not divulge the combination to anyone.

    Since student lockers are the property of the Dedham Public Schools, they may, if necessary, be searched by a school administrator.

School Property & Materials

  • All items of school property lent to a student become the responsibility of that student. All such items  must be returned in usable condition. Allowance will be made for reasonable wear. If items are returned  in abused condition, a fine will be assessed. Failure to make restitution will result in the withholding of  the privilege to use school property. All school property must be returned before final exams or  graduation.

    Schoolbooks and IPads are “loaned” to students, and always remain the property of Dedham Public Schools. It is expected that the book will be cared for in a reasonable fashion. Students should sign their  name on the book label in the front of each book when issued. The responsible student will be charged  for lost and/or damaged books. Students who fail to clear up financial obligations receive an invoice  during the summer..