• Transportation is available to all Dedham students who live more than two (2) miles from school. Students living 2 miles or less from their school are not eligible for bus transportation, and must instead walk, bike or arrange for their own transportation. 

Bus to School

  • Buses are driven by competent drivers, have the right of way, and are properly insured. To exercise the option of bus transportation, all eligible students must pay a users fee determined by the Dedham School Committee. 

    • Students in Grades 1-6 who live more than 2 miles away from the school will have bus fees waived.
    • Students who are eligible for financial aid are eligible to have bus fees waived. Forms are still required to be submitted.

    Bus registration forms must be completed and returned to Dedham Public Schools. 

    All Bus students in Grades 1‐12 must register regardless of bus fee exempt status.

    Parents with questions on eligibility for bus transportation should contact the central office at 781-310- 1000.

    Bus Routes will be posted online prior to the first day of school. 



  • Student Conduct on School Buses and Vans


    The school bus and van are a service provided by the District to ensure that all students have safe and reliable transportation to and from school so that they may access educational and extracurricular programming. The buses and vans that the District uses to transport children are considered extensions of the classroom and school. As such, it is expected that all students riding school buses and vans conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the District’s general expectations for student conduct at all times while riding school buses and vans. 


    While on school buses and vans students will…


    1. remain seated at all times between pick up and drop off. 

    2. demonstrate safe and responsible behavior at all times between pick up and drop off. 

    3. ensure that their conduct on the bus or van does not disrupt the driver at all times between pick up and drop off. 

    4. carry and be able to present an official DPS bus pass. 


    Students who demonstrate behavior that is inconsistent with the District’s expectations for conduct while riding school buses and vans will be subject to appropriate consequences and disciplinary action. Disciplinary consequences for infractions are the prerogative of the Principal or their designee and will be determined on a case by case basis considering the age of the child, developmental factors, and the severity of the conduct in question. Consequences can range from simple verbal warnings to suspension of transportation services. 


    Disciplinary Process and Procedure for Student Conduct Violations on School Buses/Vans


    In the event that a bus driver and/or monitor determine that a student has violated the District’s expectations for student conduct on school buses/vans….

    1. The driver/monitor will complete and submit a written disciplinary referral in triplicate to the Principal or their designee, the District’s Transportation Liaison, and the Office of Finance and Operations. 

    2. The Principal or their designee will, as soon as possible, review the disciplinary referral and…

      1. discuss the infraction with the student in question. 

      2. investigate the matter further if necessary. 

      3. determine appropriate disciplinary action. 

      4. communicate disciplinary infraction and any associated consequences to the student’s parent/guardian. 

      5. communicate disciplinary infraction and any associated consequences to the reporting driver/monitor

    Download Bus Conduct Violation Notice Form

Walking or Biking to School

  • Students who are walking to and from school should walk on the sidewalks and not on the roads.  During inclement weather, when conditions are slippery, extra caution should be taken. All students should respect the property of their neighbors by not cutting through yards or causing any damage to property.  Littering or loitering on school property or neighbors’ property is not allowed.


    For the safety of all students, pets who accompany students and families walking to school will not be allowed on school grounds. 

Drop-Off & Pick-Up by Car

  • Families driving students to school are asked to observe the designated traffic patterns for Drop-Off and Pick Up at their school.   Maps and additional information on each school’s process can be found under the About Our School section of each school’s website.   

Student Parking

  • If a DHS student must drive to school, the car must be parked in the student lot at the pool. Cars are not to be parked in the teachers’ assigned spaces or on the streets around the school. Students violating this regulation risk having their vehicles tagged or towed.

    • If a student is parked illegally on school property, he/she is subject to disciplinary action, including revocation of parking privileges.
    • Students who have repeated parking infractions may also face suspension from school.
    • Students are not to bring their vehicles into the back school parking lot prior to 3:00 p.m. for after school activities. Students are not allowed to park at the Avery School.
    • All vehicles are subject to being towed.