Accidents on School Grounds

  • Any accident that occurs on school property is to be reported immediately to the Main Office and the  name or names of the people involved and a brief description of their injuries, if known, should be  included in the report. The Main Office will immediately inform the Health Office and either the Nurse or  Principal/teacher will respond. An accident report form is to be placed on file for all such cases. A copy  of the accident report will be forwarded to both the high school principal for further investigation and the  office of the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance. The report form must be on file within  24 hours after the accident. 


Background Checks/ CORI Requirements

  • Any adult who will have direct, unmonitored contact with children is required to have a current and verified Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check. The CORI check is required for all employees, prospective employees, contracted service providers, volunteers, student teachers, and chaperones. If you are asked to volunteer in the Dedham Public Schools or chaperone a field trip, please print and complete the form linked below and bring it to your school's main office as well as a photo ID. 

Massachusetts General Law and Dedham School Committee Policy

  • Massachusetts General Law and Dedham School Committee Policy strictly prohibit the possession and/or use of alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances in any form. Violation of these laws and policies may result in disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion. Please review carefully the expectations, processes, and procedures that follow. 


Safety Drills

  • Fire Drills

Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Massachusetts General Law Chapter 51A is designed to protect children from abuse and neglect. This law designates public school employees as mandated reporters and outlines the duties of mandated reporters who have reason to believe that a child may be suffering abuse or neglect. Specifically this law states:

    A mandated reporter who, in his professional capacity, has reasonable cause to believe that a child is suffering physical or emotional injury resulting from: (i) abuse inflicted upon him which causes harm or substantial risk of harm to the child's health or welfare, including sexual abuse; (ii) neglect, including malnutrition; (iii) physical dependence upon an addictive drug at birth, shall immediately communicate with the department orally and, within 48 hours, shall file a written report with the department detailing the suspected abuse or neglect; or (iv) being a sexually exploited child; or (v) being a human trafficking victim as defined by section 20M of chapter 233.

    Dedham Public Schools employees are obligated under the law to immediately report any situation in which they have reason to believe a child is being abused or neglected. 


Video Monitoring

  • Each school throughout the system has a built‐in security system. The system is equipped with a television monitor that allows the Principal/Secretary to control entry into the school building.


  • According to the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993, students may be expelled for possession of a dangerous weapon on school property, school buses, or at school events.  Pursuant to the law, the incident will be reported, in writing, to the Superintendent of Schools, who shall file copies of the report with the Chief of Police, Department of Social Services, and the School Committee.  The student shall be referred to a counseling program. The Dedham School Committee considers a weapon any item that could inflict harm to an individual. (See Appendix B, State Laws, Expulsion.)