• Positive and direct communication between students, families and school staff is an essential component to a successful school experience.   Dedham Public Schools are committed to creating a transparent and responsive communications environment to ensure that families have the information, feedback and resolutions they need throughout the school year.

Email Guidelines & Reminders

  • Email and other electronic communication tools can be an effective and efficient means for communication.   Please Note:  Emails are not confidential and are subject to Public Records Law. They can be requested by anyone. When writing/sending emails, we ask students and parents to respectfully observe the following guidelines:

    • Emails should not be used to communicate any information that is highly emotional, sensitive or contentious. In such a case, emails may be used to arrange a time to meet or to have a phone conversation.
    • In urgent matters and time-sensitive communications such as dismissals, please call the office and speak to someone to have the message relayed to the faculty member. Faculty members are teaching students and are not always checking email during the school day.
    • For nonurgent emails, it is reasonable to expect a response within 2-3 school days (excluding weekends).
    • Students in Grades 6-12 should use their Dedham Public Schools email account when emailing teachers and should address email to the staff DPS account.
    • School email accounts should not be used for business unrelated to the work of the school (e.g. fundraising, political campaigns, advertising non-school events, etc.).
    • Educators are not given a school cell phone and therefore, except in predetermined circumstances approved by a supervisor, texting should not be used as a means for parents and students to communicate with staff.

Parent/Student Communication

  • Our educators and administrators are committed to the success and well-being of all our students and will work diligently to resolve concerns, maintain confidentiality, and return communications in a timely manner.   Much like we ask students to stay present and focused in the classroom, we ask the same of our teachers.  So, please be patient if you do not receive an immediate response to a message.


Student Photographs & Publicity

  • Occasionally, we may post class pictures or exemplary work completed by students on the DPS website, classroom web page or our private DPS Intranet. Additionally, digital video photography may be used to film school events that could appear on Dedham’s local cable access station or local newspaper.

    If you do not wish your child to receive this type of publicity, written notification must be given to the principal at the beginning of each new school year.