• Welcome to the Dedham Public Schools' Family and Student Handbook. This handbook is designed to provide the community with detailed information about the day to day operations of our seven schools, student learning and life within our schools, and the processes and procedures by which the district ensures a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. 

  • Communication
  • School Safety
  • Bullying & Harrassment

District Core Values

  • Academic Excellence

    The educators, parents, and citizens of Dedham are partners in a commitment to academic excellence to prepare students to succeed in a global society.


    Positive Learning Environment

    Our schools provide a safe environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and positive attitudes. Students develop best when they are encouraged and feel supported in an open, collaborative environment.



    By enriching learning and developing responsible citizens, we respect the dignity and diversity  of all individuals and cultures.


    Support & Open Communication

    The schools create opportunities to share ideas, resources, and responsibility among students, parents, school personnel, town officials, and residents.

21st Century Learning Expectations

  • Students will: 

    • Be active, engaged learners 
    • Communicate clearly and effectively 
    • Work independently and collaboratively 
    • Use technology to access, evaluate and apply appropriate information for authentic learning opportunities 
    • Use analysis, evaluation, and creativity in problem-solving 
    • Demonstrate character through: 
      • Personal responsibility 
      • Appreciation of diversity 
      • Ethical behavior
  • It would be impossible to address in this handbook every situation that could arise during the school year and its related extracurricular/enrichment activities.  The administration will develop and implement additional procedures and policies that they see necessary in operating the school.