• Starting on February 7, 2022, Dedham Public Schools will be updating our COVID testing program in accordance with new guidelines and program offerings from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Department of Public Health (DPH). We will be participating in an at-home testing program that will increase testing for students and staff, regardless of vaccination status. 

    This new at-home testing opportunity is voluntary.   To participate and receive tests, you MUST complete the form and opt-in.  Only those who opt-in will receive tests. 

    We will be periodically sending opt-in email reminders, but strongly encourage parents/students to register for this new program by February 2nd to opt-in.  

    Test kits will start being distributed the week of February 7th.   

    Each school has a separate opt-in form for organization purposes, so please be sure to complete the correct form for each of your students.

    STUDENTS WHO HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID IN THE LAST 90 DAYS:    Please DO NOT register for this program at this time. Dedham will be sending periodic reminders and ongoing opportunities for students to register. Once you’ve tested positive for the virus, you do not need to test again for 90 days from symptom onset/positive test result.



  • ABOUT:    iHealth is a 15-minute at-home FDA-approved rapid antigen test. 

    OPT-IN/AGREE:    To participate, you must opt-in by completing the opt-in form linked above.  By opting in, you will agree to review the training materials for test administration, report positive test results to our school via our DPS Positive COVID Test Reporting Form, and administer the tests according to Dedham Public Schools guidelines. 

    WHAT YOU GET:    Every two weeks registered students can pick up an iHealth at-home rapid test kit – containing two individual tests (students will use 1per week).

    TESTING:  This test is administered at home (not at school), reducing the burden on school staff, minimizing time out of class to administer tests and increasing a family’s flexibility to do testing in the home for free.

    • Your student will self-administer one test each week on Thursdays if they are participating in the pooled testing program. 
    • If your child does NOT participate in pooled testing, but is participating in the at-home testing program, they should test on Sunday.

    REPORTING POSITIVE RESULTS: If your student tests positive on an at-home antigen test, you will inform the school of the positive result using the DPS Positive COVID Test Reporting Form.  We will keep the results confidential and will not make individual results public. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you inform your healthcare professional of the positive result. 


  • What happens if my child loses the test kit on the way home from school?

  • How do I report a positive result?

  • Should I report negative results?

  • Can I use this test for any family member?

  • How often should I test my child each week?

  • My child was diagnosed with COVID in the past 90 days, should I use these at home tests?

  • What happens if I forget to test my child on the day I'm supposed to?

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  • Avery Opt-In Form
  • ECEC Opt-In Form
  • Greenlodge Opt-In Form
  • Oakdale Opt-In Form
  • Riverdale Opt-In Form
  • DMS Opt-In Form
  • DHS Opt-In Form
  • DELTA Opt-In Form
Last Modified on January 28, 2022