Greenlodge Enrichment Program

  • Program Dates: October 16 - December 21

    Click here to view the Fall 2018 Enrichment Brochure


    Q: How much does the program cost? A: The cost of the program is $50 per class. If cost is preventing your child from participating, scholarships are available. Please contact Mrs. Bodkins or Ms. Blanchette

    Q. To whom do I make checks payable? A. Please make your checks payable to the Dedham Public Schools.

    Q. Will a class ever be cancelled? A. A class will only be cancelled if a teacher is sick. In this event, we will notify parents the morning of the class. It is important that you provide us with an email and number that you can be reached at during the day. If a class is cancelled, we will add a class at the end of the session as a make-up.

    Q. Will a class be cancelled due to low enrollment? A. Unfortunately, a class will be cancelled if there are less than three children enrolled. We will notify you if your class has a low enrollment.

    Q. Where can I sign up for classes? A.You can sign up for classes by filling out the form on the last page and returning it to the your child’s classroom teacher. Registration is conducted on a firstcome, first served basis until class limit is reached.

    Q: Are there days when there will be no class? A: Yes. If a holiday or in-service day falls on the day of a course, there will be no class that day. The class will be made up at the end of the session.

    Q. What should I do if my child will be absent for their class? A. If your child is unable to attend on the day of their class, please call . We will then notify the teacher.

    Q. What happens if there is a storm after school starts? A. If there is a storm and classes need to be cancelled for the day, we contact parents. If we cannot reach you, we will send your child home according to what you have filled out on the registration page.

    Q. Should my child bring a snack? A.Snacks and drinks will not be provided. If your child needs to have a snack after school, please send one.

    Q. Where do I pick my child up when the class is over? A. All students will be dismissed from the front door in the main lobby by the teacher.

    Q: Can I sign my child up for a course if he/she attends the after school program? A: Absolutely! After the course is over the instructor will send your child to the after school program.

    Q. Can I sign my child up for more than one course? A. Yes, as long as the courses do not fall on the same day you may sign your child up for as many courses as you like.

    Q. Who can I contact with questions? A.You can contact Ms. Blanchette by email during school hours at or at 781-310-4000.

    Q. When does the program run? A. The program runs after school from 3:00-4:00 p.m. for eight weeks. Each class has an assigned location. If a program is not meeting due to a holiday or release day, a class has been added to the end.