Grade 7 English is currently in a poetry unit and the teachers have asked students to write poems about our current situation.

dms poetry

My Quarantine Classroom

  • My Quarantine Classroom

    by: Ennio Miloshi

    School used to be about friends and learning

    Eating lunch and talking to friends

    That has changed while we learn at home

    As I'm finishishing all my homework.

    I think of how my friends are all gone

    And I think of school as I mow the lawn

    I wake up to the chirping birds

    And the smells of breakfast and say

    Todays always the same day

My Quarantine

  • My Quarantine

    By: Emily Gallagher

    Days pass, each the same

    I follow the movements,

    Once foreign to me, now my normal

    Wake up, get ready for the day

     There’s nowhere to go

    My house-once a safe haven, is now my prison

    Time for “school”

    Instead of being surrounded by my peers,

    I have only myself

    My thoughts echo in the silence which was once occupied

    With the hustle and bustle of students

    I sit in my room, staring at a screen

    The only connection to what used to be

    Time passes, schools out

    And yet I do not move

    For this has become my quarantine

This Virus is Wack

  • This Virus is Wack

    By: Armani Montanez

    Doing school from home is making me feel Stressed 

    I can't go anywhere but I still have to get up and Dressed 

    Staying home is more boring than you think 

    Seeing my friends is the missing link 

    It's hard to learn without the teachers

    I miss basketball and Even watching from the bleachers 

    Can't wait to go back 

    This virus is wack

My Quarantine Classroom

  • My Quarantine Classroom

    By: Nicholas Griffin

    The bell is now an alarm clock

    The classroom is now a desk, and a chromebook

    The locker is now a closet

    But it isn’t the same

    My classmates are now books on the shelf

    And bobble heads and trophies

    However nothing can truly be replaced

    By a quarantine classroom

Alone Together

  • Alone Together

    By: Amanda Ferhani

    Everything changed in the blink of an eye

    Forced to leave school without saying goodbye

    Now confined to my 4 by 4 room

    My only social interaction is through Zoom

    No longer a desk, but work in bed

    In my comfy pajamas with the books that I’ve read

    I light my candle for a pleasant smell

    Enjoying the quiet sound of no bell

    But life at home isn’t as great as it seems to be

    I miss the times when we were all free

    I think of all the workers that sacrifice their lives

    And put our needs before theirs so we may survive

    We need to be strong for one another and unite

    For we are alone together in this fight

My Reality

  • My Reality

    By: Areti Tiglianidis

    How quickly life changes from a normal routine

    Where waking up in the morning and having a productive day is guaranteed

    The time says 8:00 and so does the light from the sun  

    But now when I wake up it’s hard to tell if the day has begun

    My desk is the dining room table where I sit across from my brother 

    Where we don’t have to get up to go from one class to another 

    We go to every class together, which is different from school

    Though we are on our own schedule and that's pretty cool

    Getting work done is very straight forward

    But there are no funny interruptions, laughs or pats on the back to make it a reward 

    Doing school online is a lot like summer

    It is more relaxing and flexible almost like it’s school but undercover 

    I never thought that this would be my reality 

    But then again anything can happen and that's part of the world's actuality