• Dedham High School after World War II


    The Town of Dedham experienced a major growth spurt following World War II. The farms and open spaces were developed into housing tracts. The population of the High School continued to expand along with the housing and it became evident that a new multi-million dollar high school had to be built. 

    The present high school at 140 Whiting Avenue was erected in 1959 adjacent to the Stone Park athletic field. 

    A major addition was added in 1967 which consisted of a new academic wing and an additional gymnasium. 

    The population of the high school continued to expand and it peaked in 1972 when grades 9-12 exceeded 2100 students. 

    Another major addition/renovation project was completed in 1976. This project resulted in a new and expanded library, a larger cafeteria with a fully equipped kitchen, modern science laboratories, swimming pool, and badly needed classrooms. The old cafeteria was modified to create an Auto Shop, Metal Shop, and Multi-purpose Shop. 

    During the 1980's and early 1990's, the school population continued to decline. In 1996 the eighth grade was moved over to the high school. Currently, we are a Grades 9-12. 

    Our most recent facility improvement in 1999 was the renovation of our library. The original library and all adjacent rooms were gutted and a new, technologically current library was put in place. The new facility is not only attractive but also functional. Five 20-station computer laboratories are included in the complex. Whole classes are capable of working with the computers and utilizing the library resources at the same time.