• Dedham High School 1887-1959

    In 1887, a new high school was built on Bryant Street and was first occupied October 3, 1887. The school remained there until 1915. After the high school left, this building became the Ames Junior High School. It was eventually torn down in 1961 to make room for the present town hall. 



    In 1915 a new building was constructed at 70 Whiting Avenue and would house the high school until 1959. The building was three stories high and was constructed of water struck brick with granite and terra cotta trimmings. In the basement there was a lunch room equipped with a serving counter, stoves, and storage rooms; rooms for printing and carpentry work; a gymnasium with toilets, lockers and showers. 

    On the first floor there were six classrooms, two recitation rooms, teachers' room, principal's room with private office and vault for school records. The assembly hall located on this floor seated 550 people. 

    On the second floor were two study halls, two classrooms, three recitation rooms, emergency room, and girls' toilet. The entrances to the galleries of the assembly hall were on this floor. 

    On the third floor were the physical and chemical laboratories with lecture room, preparation, storage and dark rooms; a domestic science room with dining alcove and pantry; drawing room and sewing room; rooms for bookkeeping and typewriting, and also two classrooms. 

    The building was designed to accommodate 600 or more pupils. The total cost of the building, including architects' fees, was $126,000! 
    Massachusetts Governor Calvin Coolidge took part in the dedication ceremonies. 

    A new $200,000 three story wing was added to the building in 1932. This wing contained a new and expanded lunch room; rooms for industrial arts and home economics; and much needed classrooms. 

    When the high school moved next door in 1959, this building became the Dedham Junior High School. This move made it possible to relocate the 7th and 8th grades from the Riverdale, Capen, Avery, and Oakdale elementary schools, and the Ames Junior High School into one location.