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About The ECEC Integrated PreSchool Program

  • The Dedham Public Schools operates an integrated preschool program at the Curran Early Childhood Education Center. The program is designed to meet the needs of children between the ages of three and five who may exhibit delays in one or more areas of development. The integrated preschool classroom model includes enrollment opportunities for students who do not require special education support, creating the opportunity for our students with special needs to learn alongside age-like peers. 

    All preschool teachers at the ECEC hold dual licensure with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in early childhood education and special education. This ensures that all preschool educators have the skills and expertise to facilitate an integrated learning experience that benefits all children. 

    The integrated preschool curriculum is aligned to the Massachusetts Early Childhood Learning Guidelines. Instructional focus areas include language development, social development, and physical development of fine and gross motor skills. Some students also receive occupational and physical therapy, speech and language services, and other services.. Depending on students' identified areas of need, additional support may be necessary to support their learning and growth.

2024 - 2025 School Year Sessions

  • The ECEC’s integrated preschool provides a number of full and half day sessions in two, three, and five day per week configurations. 

      **½ day PM sessions may be added in the winter/spring based on the needs of students  

    3 Year Old Sessions

    • 2 full days (Tues & Thurs)  
    • 3 full days (Mon - Wed - Fri) 
    • 5 ½ AM days (Mon - Fri) ** 

    4 Year Old Sessions  

    • 3 full days (Mon-Wed- Fri)  
    • 5 full days (Mon - Fri)  
    • 5 ½ AM days (Mon - Fri)**  

    Full-day sessions start at 8:45 AM - 2:45 PM
    Half-day morning sessions run from 8:45 AM - 11:15 AM                                    

2024-2025 Program Tuition

  • Preschool tuition is set annually by the Dedham School Committee. 

    • 2 Full days $3,497.00 yearly
    • 3 Full days $5,246.00 yearly
    • 5 Full days $8,742.00 yearly
    • 5 Half AM or PM days $4,372.00 yearly

    *A $75.00 non-refundable registration fee is due once your child has secured a placement.


  • 3 Year Old Sessions
    Must be three (3) years old on or before September 1st of the coming school year
    Must be fully toilet trained and display developmentally appropriate speech/language, social, and play skills.


    4 Year Old Sessions
    Must be four (4) years old on or before September 1st of the coming school year
    Must be fully toilet trained and display developmentally appropriate speech/language, social, and play skills.

Preschool Application Process

  • The integrated preschool has a limited number of tuition-based preschool spaces available each school year. Families with preschool aged children who are fully toilet-trained and display developmentally appropriate speech/language, social, and play skills may apply for a space in the ECEC preschool program. Applications are reviewed in December and families are randomly selected by the ECEC for registration and enrollment in early January. 

    Families and caregivers may submit applications for the ECEC integrated preschool program between November 15th, 2023 and December 15th, 2023.

    Once the application window closes, ECEC faculty and staff compile and review applications. In early January, the ECEC will conduct an enrollment screening. Students who are developmentally ready for preschool are eligible for available slots. The ECEC will conduct a random assignment of applicants to available seats in the integrated preschool program and use the random assignment process to generate a waitlist.  Applicants will be notified in Mid-February about placements. Applicants who are not selected for a seat are placed on the waitlist. Enrollments generally fluctuate between January and the start of the following school year. If seats become available, families on the waitlist will be contacted in order of random assignment to the waitlist. 

    Families may apply using the online application.

    Any questions please contact Dianna Parr at

Frequently Asked Questions About The Preschool Program & Application Process

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  • In addition to integrated preschool classrooms, the ECEC also offers two highly specialized programs for children on the autism spectrum and for children with complex medical, neurological, and learning needs.

    The Early Childhood Center offers a continuum of options to address students' presenting and sometimes changing needs. Services services include: 

    • Pre-referral observations, consultations and screenings 

    • Consultation with parents/guardians and staff working with children in area preschools and daycare centers 

    • Referral and consultation with other agencies providing services to young children with special needs

    • Systematic transition from Early Intervention Services  

    • Special Education Evaluations 

    • Preparation and support for transitions to Dedham Elementary Schools