Welcome Back To School

School starts Thursday, September 2, 2021!


  • START TIME:  Oakdale Elementary school students can start lining up outside at 8:30 - Students enter at 8:35! 

    END TIME: School ends at 3:00 pm.  Students will be dismissed at this time.

    Late Arrival or Early Dismissal:  Please be sure to check in in the Main Office with Mrs. Boudrow  when students are late to school.  Guardians must come into the office if their child is arriving late or for early dismissal. 

    BUSES: The bus drops students off on the Madison street side of the building and are escorted to their line spots by Mrs. Hermesch.

    DROP OFF: There is absolutely no parking or driving  in the front circle at drop off or pick up times. You may park on Cedar, Madison or a side street.

    There is no supervision at Oakdale outside prior to 8:30. 


    • All student meals are provided FREE through June 30, 2022
    • Breakfast will be available to all students and will be served at snack time ( unless other arrangements are made with the classroom teacher). 
    • If students are getting school lunch they will be asked to select their lunch during morning work/meeting time. 
    • If students are late, they will be asked to make a lunch choice when they check into the office


    • To enter the building, Masks will be mandatory for all staff, students and visitors.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available to students throughout the school day. 
    • Students will be able to take their masks off when they are outside. 
    • When applicable, teachers and students will practice social distancing.  

    **All COVID related safety will be in accordance with guidance from Dedham Board of Health.**



    • The YMCA will be back in the building by the gym entrance.
    • YMCA opens at 7:00 AM for drop off.
    • Pick up from the YMCA is by  6:00 PM. 
    • Information for the YMCA can be found on our website under the “Students” tab


    • Add a few extra clean masks in your backpack.
    • Make sure you bring a water bottle 
    • Pack lunch and a snack if you aren’t ordering.
    • Take a first day photo!
Last Modified on August 30, 2021