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Riverdale Ask-A-Grader...?

  • Ask a first grader what the golden rule is.

    Ask a 2nd Grader how to compare these numbers with their "alligator arms" to show greater than, less than, or equal to:
         15 ___ 51
         38 ___ 29
        112 __ 112
    Ask a 4th Grader  
    What potential and kinetic energy is and examples of each...

    Ask a 5th Grader    
    Ask a 5th grader to name some rectangular solids around the house that have volume and have them explain a strategy such as L x W x H for finding the volume. Also, ask a 5th grader how to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object using the water displacement method and graduated cylinders.
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Online Learning Resources

  • Renaissance Star 360
  • MyOn Digital Library
  • Lexia Core 5
  • Freckle Math
  • Everyday Mathmatics
  • Carolina Science Online

Riverdale School Headlines & Features

District News & Features

  • Arts Spotlight: DHS Students To Play in All-State Music Festival

    Congratulations to Lily Hyde and Sydney Parke who will represent DHS at the Massachusetts All-State Festival in March!

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  • Innovation Spotlight: Simmer Projects & Office Hours

    January Blog Post by The Education Cooperative highlights the innovative solutions of two Dedham educators - Dedham High School ELA teacher, Tricia Rocha and Greenlodge Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher, Ken Toomey. Read the post to learn more about how they are innovating in their classrooms!

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  • Technology Spotlight: Student Data Privacy

    Data Privacy Week kicks off January 23, 2023. Technology and learning are critical parts of every day in our Dedham classrooms.  But using the expansive opportunities presented by online learning tools and resources means that safeguarding student data and privacy is a growing focus. Learn more about student data and how Dedham Public Schools keeps student data safe.

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    The Dedham School Committee voted on Wednesday evening to name Nan Murphy as Dedham’s next Superintendent of Schools.  Ms. Murphy comes to Dedham from Marblehead Public Schools, where she is currently the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.   Ms. Murphy was selected in a unanimous vote by school committee members, who emphasized her commitment to collaborative leadership, student-centric approach, and experience building culturally inclusive school communities as critical skills that would greatly benefit Dedham students and faculty.

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  • Curriculum Advisory Family Survey: Open until 1/27

    The District is working to ensure coordinated, accessible information on topics most relevant to our families and students. Families are encouraged to complete this 3-minute survey by January 27, 2023.

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  • Teaching & Learning Spotlight: Kindergarten Science in Action!

    The faces of kindergarteners and their teacher experiencing the magic and wonder of science!

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  • DEIJ Spotlight: DHS Speaker Series

    Dr. Henry, an educator and published author, was our first speaker in the DEIJ Speaker Series at DHS. This was a wonderful and well received opportunity for students to talk about identity/race in the classroom.

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  • Library Spotlight: Hour of Code

    All elementary students are celebrating Hour of Code this winter. Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science. Computer science and coding helps students develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, logic and creativity.

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School Hours

  • School Start:  8:45am

    Dismissal: 3:00pm

    Early Release: 12:00pm


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Important Notices

Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission: 

    The mission of the Dedham Public Schools, in partnership with the community, is to promote excellence in learning, self-discipline, and motivation.

    The Dedham School System does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin or handicap in its educational activities or employment practices.

    Vision Statement:

    Each graduate of the Dedham Public Schools (DPS) will confidently pursue personal excellence through continued independent inquiry and learning and exhibit socially responsible decision-making within a dynamic and diverse global community.